We are as large as you need us to be

large scale poured foundations

Leader in poured foundations.

Norman Vetter Inc. performs residential, commercial, and industrial concrete construction throughout New Hampshire and Maine.

Our flexibility in crew size allows for efficient scheduling. No matter how large the job, our focus on quality when building your foundation.

Foundation and underground parking garage, Anchorage Inn, York ME
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your home is your castle.

poured foundations

Start with a strong foundation.

Over 30 years in the business of making sure your residence is secure with our solid foundations. Quality driven, with our aluminum form system, our range of equipment and skilled employees, our jobs complete in 60% of the time other companies can.

With our vast knowledge of the site conditions here in New England we recommend soil test and proper draining around foundations. This process ensures strong, dry, long lasting foundations for all our projects.

Residential Building, Rochester, NH.
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Your business from the ground up!

commercial buildings of any size

There when you need us.

Rest your foundation on our years of professional experience and solid reputation among leading contractors in the area. Our clients include hospitals, schools, retirement communities, hotels and shopping malls. From moderate size to 150,000 sq ft - our foundations are built rock-solid and on time.

Our experience in the commercial field is extensive and our company has a solid reputation among the leading contractors for doing professional work. On budget, on time.

Commercial Building, Rochester, NH.
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Throw us a curveball.
We'll hit it out of the park

poured foundations

Uniquely yours.

Our forming system allows us to create architectural structures exactly like you need them. Whether you want curved or straight walls, we'll create a foundation that follows your outlook on home design.

Projecting bays, unusual angles, arches or connected structures with different heights, just talk to us and we'll take care of it. We pour complete residential foundations or can accommodate smaller job like additions to large estate homes.

Residence in New Castle, NH.
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Green concrete? We help you building efficiently ecologic!

poured foundations

Earth-friendly and reducing heating costs.

Concrete sandwich foundation construction can help you create walls that maximize energy-efficiency. Properly constructed homes built with insulated concrete also offer highest performance under elements of nature: rodents, insects, fire, hurricanes. In fact, these homes can be expected to stand for many decades with no structural degradation.

Take a look through the example images where we built the insulation right into the foundation.

Green Building, Rochester, NH.
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Need some more headroom?
It's not a tall order for us.

poured foundations

When you need that extra space.

Everyone has different needs for the height of their basement spaces. Your needs are our standards. We can provide maximum headroom for the tallest jobs. No problem!

Residential Building, Rochester, NH.
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At your service.

special locations and circumstances

Every job is special to us.

We build strong foundations on challenging lots. Whether your foundation needs include sloped ground, tight space, difficult access, Norman Vetter Foundations can build the best foundation for your project. Whether all walls are different, you need poured columns or overhangs - our years of experience and customer satisfaction insure your special requirements are met both on time and with excellence!

Residential Building, Rochester, NH.
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Anytime. Well, almost anytime.

year-round services

Tis the season ...

While there are certain weather conditions that will prevent proper concrete pouring, we do all we can do to build your foundation when you have to have it done. Whether it's a hot day in July or a cold winter morning, we'll work with the same diligence to ensure your structure will be build right from the ground up.

Residential Building, Kittery, ME.
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