What our customers say

We here at D. D. Cook Builders Inc. have been using the services of Norm Vetter Inc. for the last 25 years plus. We have completed a 4-year project in Portsmouth where we had used Norm's crew entirely for all the foundation work. With scheduling being the hardest to control and the weather, Norm Vetter had his men there when we needed them. He stood by all his bid numbers even when uncontrolled cost went up on his materials. We also have custom homes under construction that started by Norm Vetter Inc. doing the foundations.
Norm Vetter and Crew,
Thanks for the many years of hard work. 

Wayne Rasch
D.D. Cook Builders Inc.

Whitcher Builders has been using Norman Vetter for many years and the last years almost exclusively. His workers are always punctual and get the job done on time. From our experience, every foundation has been well constructed and we plan to continue using Norman Vetter Inc. in the future.

Matt Huckins
David Whitcher Builders


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